Kingsley Coman: PSG would be my other option after Bayern

Bayern Munich’s winger Kingsley Coman , is among the most favorite league champions league after league. At only 21 years, he boasts over silverware in every league he has participated since joining Professional football.

Coman made a permanent move to Bayern after a year loan spell at Juventus. In December 2017, the winger penned down a contract that keeps him at the Allianz Arena till 2023.

Kingsley who shares the same position as veteran winger Frank Ribery, is a product of the PSG youth academy.  Maybe that’s why he dreams of going back to play there again.

“I’m certainly here for five or six years, but I cannot say that in 10 years – when I would be 31 – I’m still here,” he told Bild. “But it is certain that I will stay a long time.

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“If I should leave Bayern at some point, then I would have to go to an even bigger club.

“There is no such a club. There is only one option; my favourite club was Paris as I played there a long time”, says Kingsley Coman.

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Coman is quick to note that Ribery has been a team-mate more of a competitor and has always been there to give advise and support.

“Franck has always helped me, is always giving me advice to make me better,” he explained.